About Us


Medeor International Hospital, introduces a new concept of healthcare that combines medical superiority with 5 star hospitality, and delivers ‘worldclass care with privilege’ that patients deserve. We believe that patients want more than just treatment, they want superior care and personalised attention.

At Medeor we go a far beyond the ordinary and provide our patients with the best in specialist medical care plus extraordinary hospitality.

On the one hand, the elegance and advantages of our premium, luxury facility will exceed patients expectations, whilst on the other hand, our ethos and science behind the healing, will provide medical care that is second to none in the district.

Our team of caregivers are handpicked from pool of talented, multi-specialty healthcare providers, offering specialty care at every stage of the patient experience.

At Medeor  International Hospital, every patient and/or visitor, is treated like royalty, receiving bespoke, one-on- one care and attention.

With next generation diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities, a highly skilled team of providers and support staff, Medeor  International Hospital delivers appropriate and compassionate care to its patients, so they can quickly embark on the rest of their active journey in life.