Removal of Staghorn Calculus of Kidney By Dr. Vipul Agrawal

December - 27 - 2021
Mr. Shamraj Bhagwan came to Medeor Hospital, AL Ain with pain in left flank. He had a huge complicated stone (about 4cm) in his left kidney. He was evaluated, Dr. Vipul planned for a Minimally Invasive procedure (Single Key Hole surgery – 0.8cm single cut). The procedure went off without a hitch, and the patient was discharged the same day. It was much easier for the patient to return to work the next day.
“When a Stone is properly evaluated and treated in a timely manner, the patient can live a healthy life & return to his normal work next day”.
For Stone Management, Medeor Hospital, AL Ain has all the most up-to-date treatment methods & experienced doctors.