Sustained Depressed Calcaneum Fracture

December - 22 - 2021
Mr. Jofel Bautista had sustained injury to his Ankle due to fall from height and was Diagnosed as calcaneum fracture. He visited Dr. Murtuza Ahmed – Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon doctor ordered an X-ray and a CT scan for the patient, and the CT scan report revealed considerable calcaneum depression and commination. The patient was assigned for surgery, which entailed elevating the depressed calcaneum fragment and securing it with a plate and screws, as well as filling the depressed area with bone graft. 
"The surgery service that I received from Medeor hospital under Dr. Murtuza is excellent. Dr. Murtuza ensured that I am properly informed about my care before and after the surgery. All the staff nurses are friendly especially Mr. Solomon. 
It's rare to find a Doctor like him that combine such personal touches and care for a patient. I don't have hesitation recommending Dr. Murtuza and Medeor Hospital to all my friends and families. – Jofel Bautista”.