Operation Theatre

The surgical theatre at Medeor  International Hospital, Al Ain, focuses on exceeding general expectations of before and after patient care.

Our commitment to delivering world class healthcare is evident by the facilities we have developed and the technologically advanced equipment, which caters to the evolving needs of our patients.

Well-equipped positive pressure rooms and ceiling mounted equipment, reflects the latest in outstanding quality of surgical facilities and we have taken meticulous care to implement precautionary measures, that prevent the risk of infectious diseases spreading in our operating theatres.

Medeor  International offer the following facilities in their operating theatres:

  • Prefabricated operating theatres that treat the individual needs of a patient.
  • High-tech equipment which adheres to current healthcare standards and treats the individual needs of a patient.
  • High definition microscopes to accurately diagnose a variety of microscopic organisms.
  • Central Sterile Services Department to prevent infections from spreading.
  • Operating theatres equipped to perform all types of laparoscopic procedures.
  • Operating theatres are supported by dedicated team of anaesthetists, nurses, and surgical assistants.
  • ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) surgeries performed for safe removal of kidney stones.
  • Highly equipped pre and post-operative wards to help patients comfortably through each phase of their treatment.

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