ENT Clinic

ENT Clinic

Medeor International Hospital has an experienced team of ENT specialists. The staff consists of medical practitioners from critical ENT specialties including audiologists, speech therapists, nurses, and physicians. Our ENT clinic treats a variety of illnesses and medical conditions using advanced technology to accurately diagnose and treat patients with Ear, Nose and Throat related problems.

Our skillful team of expert surgeons regularly perform reconstructive surgeries, focusing on delivering high quality patient care at all levels. Experience, professionalism and patient-focused, our team are capable of tackling even the most challenging medical cases and our ENT facility is widely recognized for the high quality healthcare we deliver to patients.

The treatments offered by our ENT clinic in Al Ain include:

  • Treatment of all medical conditions related to Ear, Nose, & Throat.
  • Surgeries performed for Tympanoplasty. This is a complex surgery which involves reconstruction of the eardrum.
  • Surgery for Nasal Polypectomy, to help our patients overcome difficulties related to obstruction, hyposmia, and obstruction.
  • Surgical procedures for the treatment of Throat and Larynx issues for tonsillectomy and removal of vocal nodules.
  • Our ENT facility also offers different types of audiometry services according to the condition of each patient undergoing treatment.

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