Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Medeor International Hospital has a patient-focused obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Al Ain, which treats variety of related disorders. The department offers treatment to all females above the age of 15.

Gynecology Services to Pregnant Patients

  • We offer advanced antenatal care services for evaluating normal pregnancies and timely detection of any abnormalities to help take precautionary measures.
  • The latest technology and monitoring equipment has been installed to ensure health and wellbeing of mother as well as the fetus.
  • Treatment is also offered for issues relating to abortion, surgery and ailments resulting from medicinal usage.
  • Our expert gynecologists decide between a normal or cesarean delivery, ensuring the safety of the mother and newborn.
  • Our expert doctors reduce the risk of birth loss or premature birth by using cervical cerclage procedure.
  • Gynecologists at Medeor International Hospital help preserve babies, and successfully manage molar pregnancies.
  • Our gynecologists educate and counsel mothers to take proper care of the newborn, offering tips on changing diapers, bathing, breastfeeding, and burping.

Services Offered for Gynecology Cases

  • Different types of medical and surgical treatments are offered for uterine bleeding.
  • We conduct diagnostic tests for biopsies and PAP smears.
  • Hysterectomy in extreme uterus related diseases and illnesses.
  • Detection and treatment of cancers related to cervix, ovary and breast.
  • Treatment of other gynecology related surgical & medicinal issues, menopause, and post-menopausal issues, bleeding and HRT.

Counseling to Couples on Infertility

  • Counseling for couples planning to conceive a baby.
  • We also share complete details with couples related genetic studies and hormonal profiles.
  • Treatment is offered to patients for cervical, uterine and ovarian related problems.

Other Services Offered

  • Counseling offered on genetic problems.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of issues related to sub-fertility and recurrent abortion.

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