The Pediatrics department at Medeor International Hospital, Al Ain, is committed to your family's health and wellness.

We have pediatric consultants from different specialties to correctly diagnose and treat all types of pediatric issues.

Our pediatrics health facility makes use of advanced technology to deliver the right kind of diagnosis to the families of children with illnesses. We provide a comfortable, fun and low stress environment for children and their families. .

Medeor International Hospital’s pediatric department offers following treatments.

  • Consultation offered for general OPD.
  • Screening of children for metabolic and immunization related issues.
  • A fully equipped well-baby clinic to ensure wellbeing and safety of infants.
  • Neonatology care for the newborn and infants.
  • We offer protection to newborns by identifying and treating and non-infectious diseases.
  • Our pediatrics manages common neonatal problems, anemia, blood diseases, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory tract issues, and childhood asthma.
  • We also offer treatment for urological and endocrinal problems.

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