Valet Services

Medeor International Hospital, like any busy healthcare facility, receives emergency patients all the time. We understand that anyone coming to the hospital is usually in a hurry. They need assistance with the parking of their vehicle. Instead of getting them to self-park their vehicles, they can leave their vehicles at the hospital’s entrance. The valet parking staff properly parks their vehicles.

You do not need to spend time finding the right spot for your vehicle. Anyone getting out of the hospital would not have to struggle finding their way out. The valet parking staff ensures proper utilization of the available parking space without blocking any vehicle’s passage. Availability of vehicles’ keys with the valet parking staff ensures smooth flow of traffic.

Valet parking service by Medeor  International Hospital has received a positive response from patients and visitors alike. It gives them peace of mind without having to worry about vehicle parking, a big issue in many other healthcare facilities. The staff at the entrance also acts as a frontline customer care outpost where information and guidance is delivered to first time patients or visitors.

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